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c-c-cobra starship up for two VMAs!

The awesome band Cobra Starship is up for two VMA's this year for best pop video and best video direction. Check out their video for Good Girls Go Bad and vote for them by clicking the banner!
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AP Magazine's Summer of Rock 09!

Check out this years Summer of Rock mini mag brought to you by Alternative Press and RED Music. Theres interviews, guitar picks, stickers, temporary tattoos, a CD featuring the bands interviewed and more. Pick one up exclusively at Walmart for $5!
Click on the banner for more information!

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NYLON Summer Music Tour!

Want some new music? Why not check out Patrick Wolf and The Plastiscines? Both are signed onto Nylon Records and are on the Nylon Summer Music Tour. Click the banner for tour dates and ticketing information.

Or take a listen to the music at the artists MySpace pages:
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Listen up everyone! There's a new band that's going to make it big, but right now they're in search of a singer - preferably male.

Here's a little background information:
The band includes including Mike, the owner of SJC Drums (www.sjcdrums.com),Drum maker for bands like panic at the disco, gym class heroes, the academy is etc etc. and Tom C., the bassist of No Trigger.

Tom F., and their other guitarist, Joey, were previously in a band called A Better Fall, which made it to fourth place in the Takeover Records (sign my band contest) in 2006.

If you live in the Massachusetts area or close to, and if you think you'd fit the band's image and sound, please message them at www.myspace.com/razzledazzlema!
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Another way of promoting

To come on here and have links t your songs you need somewhere to upload those songs. That can be done over at www.musicfinity.com

You can get lots of other benefits too. just letting you all know. Might help.

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Bands can also get gigs and win a recording contract, if that's not a cool site I don't know what is.
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Hi everyone!
I need a decent layout for this community. Help! If anyone wants to design one it would be great. These are the graphics I made for the community, for headers, etc.:

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test post

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